FREE Soul of Healing Meditation: Guided Practice To Activate Self-Healing

This 30 Minute "Soul of Healing" Practice Helps You Unlock Your Self-Healing Power So You Can Experience Greater Health + Vitality now.
Guided with love by Alicia Lynn Diaz, MA, AHP.

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FREE AUDIO TRACK:  Guided "Soul of Healing" Practice to Ease Tension and Activate Higher Healing 

The Secret To Soulful Healing

After hitting dozens of dead ends with chronic illness, I discovered the soulful self-healing secrets, rooted in ancient wisdom traditions and integrated with modern holistic medicine to help you rebirth your cells into a state of thriving energy and aliveness!  This track is one potent practice to help you melt away tension and activate higher healing.  Sit back, relax and let this process guide you deep into your own inner wholeness.

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Soul of Healing Meditation

FREE GIFT: Guided Practice To Activate Self-Healing

Alicia Lynn Diaz has facilitated hundreds of clients to eradicate illness, dissolve emotional blocks and overcome stuckness.   She is masterful at distilling, with purity, the specific source of your breakthrough in health and life.

Alicia Lynn's experience as a Holistic Health Practitioner and Clinical Physiologist combined with deep spiritual mentorship from a Vedic Master who advised the Dalai Lama has given her a unique and potent ability to help others effectively activate their innate self-healing power.  She is gifted in deeply integrating the scientific and spiritual aspects of healing into tangible, practical reality.

This Activation Track is especially helpful for:

  • Patients of “irreversible” and chronic illnesses who want to learn how to harness the power of the mind, emotions and spirit to create radical transformations in their health and life.
  • Women + Men who want to reclaim their self-healing power and release physical or emotional pain or illness.
  • Healers + Health Practitioners who want to create a foundation of wholeness and overflow so they don’t burn out serving their clients/patients.

FREE Soul of Healing GIFT: Guided Practice To Activate Self-Healing

This 30 Minute Practice Helps You Unlock Your Self-Healing Power So You Can Experience Greater Health + Vitality now.
Guided with love by Alicia Lynn Diaz, MA, AHP

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"My experience was nothing short of magical... Now I'm pain free with cellular activation that is reverberating throughout."


"I am feeling more and more at peace every day, at work the stress level has dropped 90%...AND my neck and spine are beginning to straighten a little more each day after suffering for 40 years."


"This makes me feel like dreams can come true."


"I feel hopeful for the first time in a long time... you have laid out the path and started me on the journey."


"Practicing this has opened up my mind and body in ways I never would have imagined."


(NOTE: This information is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.)


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