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Learn the 10 Digestive Destroyers, the 10 Health Boosters, and the 5 Steps to Food Freedom in this free online training

Your Digestion

This is not a "one-size-fits-all" fad diet protocol! Every step is personalized to your individual health needs and will help you understand your unique body and gut type using time-tested Ayurvedic principles.

Your Energy

Free up the energy your body is wasting being bogged down by a bloated, clogged, gut.  Imagine feeling FREE, energized and ALIVE in your  New Year!  Experience your body with ease, grace and clarity so you can show up as your best, most resilient self.

Food Freedom

Imagine being free from the constantly, nagging frustration and fear of food... Imagine being able to go to social gatherings feeling centered, grounded, connected to your body without constant worry and stress.  Learn how to really listen to your body and give it what it really needs.  

Reset Your Gut the Enlightened Belly Way

Imagine feeling...


...Free from Food Fear and

...Peaceful in your body

Join the Enlightened Belly 21 Day Gut Reset and Upgrade Your Body, Health and Whole Self!

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Within 24 hours of my first session with Alicia, my gut felt 90% better.

"I was in tremendous digestive pain and told I needed to be on an $800/month gut medication for the rest of my life. Within 24 hours of my first session with Alicia, my gut felt 90% better. It was quite incredible. My health has increased to above what it was before I got sick. I highly recommend working with Alicia as she has improved my health and transformed my life in many ways."

- Tyler JensenEntrepreneur

"This course is ideal for people who have a specific digestive challenge but also for anyone who wants to use an ancient, holistic wisdom approach to enhance their daily aliveness. I also believe that for anyone on a spiritual path, for anyone actively trying to elevate their own consciousness, Ayurveda is on it. And the way that you've digested and translated that tradition for us in this course offers a pleasurable approach to self-care that supports that spiritual mission."

Rochelle Torke

"My candida issues have completely cleared up, and my digestion has been rapidly improving!"

"My candida issues have completely cleared up, and my digestion has been rapidly improving. Not only am I feeling so much better, but I actually LOVE the food I am eating, especially the recipes she has given me! I highly recommend working with her whether you are experiencing discomfort in your body or simply looking to maximize your health."

- Sarah Renee, Intuitive Healer + Psychic Medium

"Alicia is absolutely incredible. Her knowledge, wisdom and expertise so shines. It's magical! I love the way Alicia really listens, offers such thoughtful suggestions and always responds to every question. You are really seen and heard. It's powerful! "

Chelsea Markel daily stomach pain and irritable bowel problem stopped!!

Alicia is my miracle worker! Within 5 days of our first session my daily stomach pain and irritable bowel problem stopped!! After 2 weeks my physician told me I could discontinue my prescription medications that I had relied upon for diabetes, high cholesterol, fibromyalgia and arthritis. In less than 3 weeks I was told to stop my blood pressure medication too. My primary physician was so excited on our last office visit that she will be sending patients to Alicia that suffer with these long term, unresolved problems. Oh, and as a side bonus, I lost 35 lbs and feel like a young 30 yr. old again.

- Mary ConleyGrandmother + Lover of Life

Join the Enlightened Belly Gut Reset

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