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Prayers for Peace + Mantra Meditation Bundle

Prayers for Peace - Guided Song Meditations To Invoke Calm + Healing

What's Inside:

  • Video - 14 min Guided Ancient Sanskrit Peace Prayer for Healing and Inner Freedom
  • Audio - 8 min Autosuggestion/Prayer to invoke faith, trust, ease and grace
  • 3 Bonuses - Heart Opening Audio Track + 2 Prayer Poems that you can read out loud each day to invoke healing, happiness and whatever you are needing

Mantra Meditations - Align with the 3 Forces of Nature to bring more Ease, Grace and Peace into your Life.

What you'll get:

  • Week 1: Birth. Creation. Aligning with the creative forces of Life.
  • Week 2: Death. Recycling. Clearing the path for new life.
  • Week 3: Life. Sustain. Maintaining the fullness of life in a steady and sustainable way.
  • Also included are 5 BONUS Sanskrit meditation tracks to invoke health, wholeness, freedom, and vitality.

The Universe is being conducted by divine intelligence and life is constantly moving through the cycles of creating, sustaining and recycling… put simply - birth, life and death.  When we resist these natural rhythms we experience suffering or, we can embrace these as an opportunity to align with these forces to experience more inner freedom.

These audio sessions are mantra meditations using repetitive chanting of Sanskrit prayers that awaken these forces in your life and help you bring more grace to the cycle of birth, life and death. You will get the chants in written form so you can repeat along with me or you can simply sit or lie down and allow the sound to permeate your being.

*100% Happiness Guarantee*

In addition to these two courses, you'll also receive free access to my Enlightened Body Family Facebook Forum to connect with other wonderful souls in our healing community!

You can access all of your course content on-the-go on our mobile app (for iOS + Android) or in one streamlined place on your desktop at AliciaLynnDiaz.com/library