You deserve deeper healing that resets you into real, authentic peace.

I help women resolve chronic health issues and hormonal imbalances by guiding them into their emotional depths through Ayurvedic counseling. 

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Alicia is my miracle worker! Within 5 days of our first session my daily stomach pain and irritable bowel problem stopped!! After 2 weeks my physician told me I could discontinue my prescription medications that I had relied upon for diabetes, high cholesterol, fibromyalgia and arthritis. In less than 3 weeks I was told to stop my blood pressure medication too. My primary physician was so excited on our last office visit that she will be sending patients to Alicia that suffer with these long term, unresolved problems. Oh, and as a side bonus, I lost 35 lbs and feel like a young 30 yr. old again.

- Mary Conley, Grandmother + Lover of Life

If you’re tired of anxiety that keeps you up at night and gives you headaches, moon cycle cramps, hot flashes and other health frustrations, you’re in the right place.

Talk therapy, yoga, or somatic work may have given you tools to cope better but you’re looking for deeper healing that resets you into real, authentic peace.

✅ You’ve tried so many diets and Ayurvedic practices but still struggle with cramping, bloating, belly and body discomfort.
✅ You’re sick of having hormones that throw off your moods, your relationship with food, your sleep, hair and skin.
✅ You want to understand your unique body more deeply instead of forcing it to be what others have told you it should be.
By the way...
❕You are not just a vata, pitta or kapha person with a restrictive set of rules to follow.
❕Your dosha is influenced by what you went through as a child.

You feel stuck.

You’re doing all the right things but you’re not resolving the deeper emotional issues. 

You have an intuitive knowing that there’s a system out there to help you really do the deeper work but just haven’t found it… yet.


Here's how I can help:

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Alicia is an incredibly intuitive, insightful, and impactful healer and facilitator. She has a rare capacity of bringing ancient wisdom traditions into our modern world and powerfully applying them in such a way that speaks to entrepreneurs, business executives, and parents alike. I highly recommend working with Alicia if you want to upgrade your Life and work beyond what you think is possible.

- Dr Brian Lumb, Founder of Nourish & Flourish, Asheville, NC

I was in tremendous pain and told I needed to be on an $800/month medication for the rest of my life.  Within 24 hours of my first session with Alicia I felt 90% better.  It was quite incredible.  My health has increased to above what it was before I got sick.  I highly recommend working with Alicia as she has improved my health and transformed my life in many ways.  

- Tyler Jensen, Founder/CFO The Startup Garage

Hi, I'm Alicia Lynn Diaz, MA, AHP, Ayurvedic Health Practitioner 

I’ve been working in the wellness field since 2004 and practicing Ayurveda for over 12 years.

I’ve been in your shoes. Ayurveda healed my digestive issues, migraines, reproductive pain, but then years later I found myself anxious, depleted and confused again. I knew there was a depth to my struggle that wasn’t just physical. Connecting the dots of Ayurvedic psychology with therapeutic counseling has brought me and the women I work with to a deeper level of authentic peace. If you sense that you’ve been responding to the world from reflexive subconscious patterns but you crave feeling safe in your body, maybe you’re ready to be guided deeper.


The 8 Hidden Emotions That Are Harming Your Health

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