Hi there, I’m Alicia Lynn Diaz, Ayurvedic Health Practitioner and creator of the Enlightened Body System.

I’ve been practicing Ayurveda full time for over 12 years and worked in the wellness field since 2004.

It became clear during this time that healing requires emotional depth.

I believe that women can age gracefully (without hormonal imbalance) and overcome chronic illness by resolving their inner emotions.

So many doctors + practitioners, so few answers…

Prior to finding Ayurveda, I became really ill. I had migraines that would shut me down for days, intense reproductive and digestive pain that would leave me curled up in a ball for hours. I could barely eat and was suffering from anxiety and panic attacks. 


I was already working in the healthcare field with my Master’s degree in Clinical Exercise Physiology and my whole world was about fitness, nutrition and helping others feel healthy. I felt so stuck that I couldn’t figure out how to heal myself. 


I hit a dead end at every doctor and practitioner until I finally found Yoga and Ayurveda.

After apprenticing at a clinic in India, and studying for 2 years with Dr Vasant Lad, I experienced huge relief of my symptoms. 

  • I could comfortably eat and digest my food
  • my head became clear and calm (no longer plagued by headaches)
  • my cycle and hormone issues rebalanced 
  • and the panic attacks were gone. 

I began helping others heal by empowering them with the  science of Ayurveda and personalized self-healing practices until…

I started realizing that my clients were struggling with something deeper than the physical.

Painful experiences from their past or situations from their childhood continued to haunt them and were giving rise to the doshic and health imbalances they struggled with.

I started realizing in myself that I too had unresolved traumas from childhood and I started experiencing deep depletion and increasing anxiety. 


The commonly known basics of Ayurveda can only take you so far.

All of a sudden, the tools that I had gained from my Ayurveda education were no longer enough for me and they could only bring my clients so far into their healing.

Healing requires emotional depth.

This began a several year deep dive into Ayurvedic Psychology, regression work, somatic work, and other therapeutic modalities that supported me and my clients to repattern the subconscious mind and excavate those inner caves of emotions and painful experiences.

Another wise mentor came into my life, a Vaidya (Ayurvedic Physician) who debunked the myths and dogmas of Ayurveda as they’re commonly mistranslated and watered down in today’s age of information overload.

Integrating these new insights with the therapeutic modalities broke through the stuckness and limitation.

Connecting all these dots of subtle and gross, inner and outer work restored me and the women I work with back to who we were truly meant to be, creating a deep, real, authentic peace within.

 My approach is different.

I don't want to teach you dogmatic rules and restrictive guidelines of Ayurveda.

I want to hold your hand and dive deep into your inner world WITH you.

To those places that are tender and scary for you to face alone.

To those places that are the source of your liberation from pain and suffering.

To those places that make up your unique essence, the very fabric of your existence.

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