It takes a very special kind of person to embark on the journey of self-healing.  I see you.

Are you struggling and spending hours researching to try and find holistic solutions to the pain you are in? 

Do you have a deep soul-searching desire underneath that drives you to find freedom, energy and vitality in your body?

The information out there can be very confusing, overwhelming and contradictory - it’s hard to sort through to what's going to get you out of pain immediately.  I get the urgency you're feeling to find a solution because I've been there too...

Several years ago, I started experiencing debilitating health symptoms that stumped all of my western doctors...

I had migraines that would shut me down for days, intense reproductive and digestive pain that would leave me curled up in a ball for hours. I could barely eat and was suffering from anxiety and panic attacks.

What I didn’t realize at the time, was just how powerful the connection was between my physical health and my mind, emotions and experiences.

At that time I was practicing as a Clinical Exercise Physiologist in New York City and was an adjunct professor at a University.  I was frustrated because after getting a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree studying psychology and health, I still couldn’t figure out what was wrong with me or what to do to make myself feel better.

I was determined to heal and to figure out what was causing this pain and I was committed to helping others do the same.  So, I traveled to India to apprentice under a world-renowned healer.

My first mentor was an Ayurvedic doctor to the Dalai Lama and Mother Theresa who then introduced me to my next mentor, another world-renowned and enlightened master.  I studied with him side by side for two more years to earn my Ayurvedic Health Practitioner degree.  Not only did I learn how to help others heal, but the love and wisdom contained in the ancient health practices they taught me, also saved my life.

Over the following years I applied this ancient healing wisdom to my daily life and began sharing it with clients in my one-on-one practice.

At the same time, I was diving deep into shadow work, resolving my inner childhood traumas and immersing myself in personal development courses (such as Tony Robbins Mastery University).

Finally, the missing pieces came together, I joined these in practice and the Enlightened Body System™ was born.

The results have been unparalleled in transforming my clients lives (and my own).


I have been freed of all of the ailments that the doctors told me I was doomed to suffer from for the rest of my life. Today I am thriving and so blessed to be able to share these empowering teachings with tens of thousands of healers and health-seekers all over the world and I'd love to help you do the same.

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