Inspiring Client and Student Success Stories

"My candida issues have completely cleared up, and my digestion has been rapidly improving."

"My candida issues have completely cleared up, and my digestion has been rapidly improving. Not only am I feeling so much better, but I actually LOVE the food I am eating, especially the recipes she has given me! I highly recommend working with her whether you are experiencing discomfort in your body or simply looking to maximize your health."

- Sarah Renee, Psychic Medium & Intuitive Healer

"I felt like I was having another chance at life..."

"After just a couple session with Alicia, I felt like I was having another chance at life and finally moving towards the vision I have always desired. Our work together has positively impacted everything in my life."

- Emilio Karam, serial entrepreneur and international marketing consultant

" daily stomach pain and irritable bowel problem stopped!!"

"Alicia is my miracle worker! Within 5 days of our first session my daily stomach pain and irritable bowel problem stopped!! After 2 weeks my physician told me I could discontinue my prescription medications that I had relied upon for diabetes, high cholesterol, fibromyalgia and arthritis. In less than 3 weeks I was told to stop my blood pressure medication too. My primary physician was so excited on our last office visit that she will be sending patients to Alicia that suffer with these long term, unresolved problems. Oh, and as a side bonus I lost 35 lbs and feel like a young 30 yr. old again."

- Mary Conley, grandmother and lover of life

"I was in tremendous pain and told I needed to be on an $800/month medication for the rest of my life. Within 24 hours of my first session with Alicia, I felt 90% better. It was quite incredible. My health has increased to above what it was before I got sick. I highly recommend working with Alicia as she has improved my health and transformed my life in many ways."

Tyler Jensen
Founder of The Startup Garage

"I no longer experience irritability, cramping and my skin problems cleared up."

Alicia has helped me in more ways than I could ever have imagined possible.  With her guidance I was empowered to eliminate many of the cycle-related symptoms I had experienced for over 10 years.  I no longer experience irritability, cramping (and other physical discomfort connected to menstruation) and my skin problems cleared up.  I have more energy for daily activities, am a much happier person. I really loved working with Alicia and would highly recommend her to anyone interested in bringing healthy change into their lives. Alicia has a big heart and was really able to help me connect to what is in my heart.
- Emmalyn Gaertner, Yoga Instructor

"Healing is both a science and an art. I wholeheartedly believe that Alicia's approach is the perfect balance between the two. Alicia has become an invaluable resource in my life. She truly helped me heal from the inside out- My digestion improved, my energy levels increased, my skin is more radiant, and overall I feel more in tune with the rhythms of my own body. As a doctor of physical therapy and yoga instructor, I have a solid foundation in how to lead a healthy, mindful lifestyle, but Alicia's guidance has helped me reach a new level of wellness. I also feel more connected to my own purpose of guiding others towards more vibrant states of health. She's an absolute gem in my life!"

- Dr Amanda Ramirez
Beverly Hills, CA


Joining the Enlightened Body System was the single most significant decision I’ve ever made in my life.  I have healed my gut, my skin, I have more energy and I’m empowered with the knowledge and tools to get myself back on track again when needed.  I’ve also healed my negative mind and self-deprecating nature.  I am extremely optimistic and driven now! I have stepped into my higher calling, started and grown my business, while raising my children as a full time single mother - and I feel like I’m constantly filling up! 


I used to not even be able to walk down the block to the park and play with my son and would be exhausted when I did...  If it weren’t for Alicia I don’t know where I’d be... I love who I am and where I’m going.  I’m so incredibly grateful. My biggest piece of advice if you’re considering joining is that you don’t have to know HOW it’s going to all work out, you just have to trust that it WILL. Everything in my life has gotten better and I’ve become more of who I really am as a result of this program.

- Cassandra Tyra Rose, Yoga Instructor + AFT Practitioner

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"Through the Enlightened Body System, I was able to do what I could not do with yoga and Ayurveda alone..."

Until I began my work with Alicia, I didn't truly understand who I AM or who I am meant to be in this world. Through the Enlightened Body System, I was able to do what I could not do with yoga and Ayurveda alone... I was able to call back in the wounded fragments of my being in order to heal them and make myself whole again. This system gives the tools necessary for all aspects of construction around our fullest potential, and I feel so blessed to be a part of the program. Thank you Alicia for making this gift accessible to so many!

- Ashley Lauren Satanosky, Intuitive Healer

"Alicia has the ability to see straight into your soul. She's gentle yet her strength is in her perceptions and ability to guide you to the depths of your psyche so you can resurrect your gifts and heal your shadow. The process was beyond what I'd ever experienced in previous modalities. Alicia is a marvel and I'm honored to have had the experience with her."

- Kari Samuels
Portland, OR

"I have felt calmer, safer, more aware of my body, my emotions, reactions, patterns, and also so much more connected to nature. My sleep has improved, and overall anxiousness has diminished.."

I was seeking support for the lifelong struggle with anxiety, fear, and the overall repercussions of childhood trauma.

After our first phone conversation I had no hesitations to saying yes to the program, and really just say yes to myself, and now looking back I’m so glad I listened to my intuition. This was such a gift and worth every change made, and time put in, truly invaluable is this unique service from the heart that you provide.

From the first month of working together, I immediately started noticing the difference in my nervous system, mental patterns, menstrual cycle and hormones. The addition of the daily practices you taught me and lifestyle changes have made all the difference not only in my body, but also in my soul. Ayurveda has been life-changing for me, such an abundance of mind and heart-opening information and rich wisdom. So much has improved for me during this journey; I have felt calmer, safer, more aware of my body, my emotions, reactions, patterns, and also so much more connected to nature. My sleep has improved, and overall anxiousness has diminished.

Alicia, I cannot thank you enough for this journey, truly you are a blessing. I will forever be grateful and hold you close to my heart as you have opened up an entire inner world that I now have access to, and in turn, this has positively impacted my outer world to be that much more peaceful, joyful, and connected to the divine.

- Carolina Sanchez, Health Counselor & Mother, Los Angeles, CA


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